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I am leader in Social for major brands, tech companies and agencies. I have a range of experience across digital – building successful teams and delivering strategies that have impact. A speaker and writer on topics across the tech spectrum featured in The Drum, Marketing Magazine, Campaign, Brand Republic. As Head of Social Operations at Lost Boys, the award winning Social agency, I work with clients to understand the changes in social and consuls on transformation of businesses to social ones.


Happy 12th birthday, Facebook – what’s next for the world’s most powerful tween?

Facebook turns 12 this week. That’s right, 12. I think that makes it a ‘tween' in today’s parlance. Pfft, it’s not even a millennial. That being said, it’s one heck of an impressive tween. Darling of the markets, it’s THE social network and has swept away all that...

Make Sure You’re Putting the Best into Practice, everywhere.

Here's a piece I wrote for Lost Boys, focusing on how to apply best practice for social, across the whole organisation. Social is global and a lot of brands social efforts are expanding rapidly; on multiple social channels, with more and more departments getting in on...

Upgrade to Plesk 12 – Nginx issues!

How to fix bad gateway errors when upgrading Plesk!

What I have been tweeting about this week: Dan's Friday distract-a-thon

What a week it's been in the heady world of Social, too many distractions to mention! Here is a brief round up of the interesting things I have located on the Interwebs this week.   #FallingDown: Tesco Mobile just can't take it...

Tagging in LinkedIn Status Updates

Just a quick update - I had no idea that you could tag people in LinkedIn status updates! It's as simple a popping an '@' in front of the name you want to tag (either person or company) and they will be linked up accordingly! This can be really useful if you want to...

Everything you need to know about Facebook Global Brand Pages but are tired of asking.

What you need to know about Facebook Global Brand Pages – what they are, how to use them and how you can go about getting one.

Twitter for Sales People: Top Tips

There are many easy things to do in life: eating a sandwich, walking in the park  or ascertaining bear's toilet preferences - explaining Twitter for sales people and about how they should use it, over a conference call is not one of them.  Having attempted this today,...

Modern Marketing Manifesto – The future?

I have recently come across this on Econsultancy, its a manifesto demonstraing modern marketing concepts - You can find the full details and sign up to the manifesto here: http://econsultancy.com/uk/blog/62668-our-modern-marketing-manifesto-will-you-sign I have...