Since people began to hear about Social Media, it seems to have been shrouded in a mystique. People that work in that area are called ‘gurus’ or ‘social media ninjas’, as if there is something hidden and deadly about this whole Social Media lark. This is a definite pet hate of mine. (If I could double under line it, I absolutely would). Okay I look good in black but my nun-chuck works leaves a lot to be desired.

Garden Fete ninjas

Social Media Ninga’s getting ready to live tweet a garden fete

Infact why can’t I be a Social Media Chuck Norris?

Chuck Norris - Social Media Ninja

Chuck is going to tweet you up some pain!

For me, Social Media is not about some mystifying technology, it’s about people. It’s about talking to people as we always have done since we where sitting around in caves, it’s just the opportunity to speak to a lot more people in an easier way. There is no mystery.

People are generally well meaning when they refer to someone as a guru or a ninja, but it can be actually be a touch belittling. No longer are we one man bands fighting against a tide of ignorance – championing Facebook and Twitter. Quite a lot of people use them now! I’m firmly of the opinion that in a couple of years we won’t use phrases like ‘Social Media’ it will just be: marketing or customer service or whatever the function might be.

As an area of work Social is no longer confined to marketing or PR, we Social Media managers have fingers in all kinds of pies. It shows the profound effect that this sea change has had on how we operate as businesses, how consumers interact with us – heck – even with how we live our lives!


I work with lots of different companies and individuals who are intimated by Social. They see it either as a snarling beast, the latest fad or an unknowable monolith looming over their business. The common factor is that people, almost begrudgingly, recognise that it’s important, and could have an impact on their business… Whether they like it or not!

Down to the whole reason for writing this post – explaining a little about why I wanted to take the opportunity to share something of what I have learnt to working in Social Media. It’s not as disruptive a technology as you might think – in fact it can open up new avenues in which your business can flourish – it just takes a bit of practice.

As I say throughout this blog, I don’t have all the answers, anyone that claims to do so is probably a social media ninja, but also probably an idiot (but not Chuck Norris).