Dear Reader,

Have you ever had a terrible Customer Service experience? Was it with EasyJet? What I thought would be a pleasant trip to Barcelona with friends has turned into a bureaucratic nightmare. Too many companies getaway with treating their customers with contempt. If we add our voices together they will be compelled to listen and treat everyone fairly. Please add your thoughts to the comments.

This is my letter of indignation and outrage to them, I will keep you all update as this unfolds. I’m not giving up, I understand their Ts and Cs, though if I want to fly I have to accept them. Are they reasonable? An honest mistake or a change in circumstances can end up with EasyJet laughing all the way to the bank.


To Whom it May Concern,

I have to say I’m extremely unhappy with the mercenary way I have been treated by you and your staff.
EasyJet as a company has not one ounce of compassion, rest assured I will be telling everyone I know, including my friends on twitter and on my blog,  to never use EasyJet ever again.

I had purchased a return flight from London to Barcelona with a friend of mine (EL9DZQ1). Now the friend can’t make it, so I have to come back earlier. I looked into changing the flight times, this would have cost an additional £152 which was more expensive than purchasing a whole new flight.

I went to purchase the new flight for 7th July (ELHRLPW), and as an error on my behalf, I mistakenly clicked on 6th July (the layout was confusing but I will chalk this one up). As soon as I realised the error I quickly contacted your customer service line to be told that I would be charged a further £88 to move the flight to Sunday. This is a huge increase on the prices you had on the website not moments before. The lady I spoke to initially was very polite but wouldn’t listen to anything I said. Then when I asked to speak to a supervisor; frankly the man treated me with utter contempt and not a hint of empathy or understanding around the large amount of money you had already taken from me, and were taking again.

I then asked for a full refund, no harm done, I will just use another carrier but I was informed that you would charge me a further £35 for getting a refund and it would take a long time to process.

In what possible universe do you consider this to be anyway acceptable?

Between my friend and I we have 4 unusable flights with EasyJet.

One return flight from Barcelona has now cost me in excess of £350. I simply can’t afford to pay this for a flight which should have been £150.

I am a frequent traveller on EasyJet, I have avoided using Ryan Air because I don’t like their business practices but your actions here have forced me back into their arms. We where planning on recommending you for our wedding, to fly to Zakynthos next year – over 60 people flying in. We will be sure to warn everyone not to use you.

I don’t know why I’m even bothering to complain to you, all I will get is a soulless reply, quoting terms and conditions when in actual fact morally, you have money of mine which you really shouldn’t have.

Epic Fail EasyJet.