Since they were announced last year, it seems that Facebook have gone a little quiet on the Global Brand Page front, though I know a few brands who are jumping on board, and it can be an extremely useful tool if you’re an international brand speaking to a global audience.

What in hot heck is a Facebook Global Brand page

Basically: If you’re a global brand – or a company with more than one international Facebook page, this could be of great use to you. Read what Facebook has to say about them here.

Here is a brief case study from personal experience:

If you are an US company like LivingSocial (my old employers) when you started out, you have one Facebook page with lots of people all over the world ‘liking’ it. This is fantastic in the early days when your based in one country, but can become problematic as you grow.



When you start to extend your footprint into more developed markets you want to be able to speak to people on a more relevant, local level. No problem, you can set up separate local Facebook pages, however this can be like starting all over again.

Let’s say we setup a UK specific page:
You have to grow your fan count from zero, and lot of UK people might already be liking – when you are now putting out UK specific content at /LivingSocialUK. This can be a big problem as you’re not speaking to local, relevant people who are already interested in your brand.

This is where Global pages comes in with a big win:

  • Realigned Audiences
  • Merged Fan Count
  • Merged URL

So after adopting Global brand pages all the audiences of your different Facebook properties get merged into one, then redistributed to the appropriate local page. So lets say we set it up for the UK and US: All the UK people who were liking the US page, and seeing US appropriate content will know be receiving UK appropriate content, including Cover images and everything. This would also happen for any US people using the UK page.

So if you type in and you’re in the US you will notice no difference (apart from the jump in fan numbers).

If you’re in the UK and you type in you will be served the UK version of the page.

It’s important to note that this page will still have the same admins and address ( that it used to have and you won’t lose any posts. It is the exact same page you always have, all be it with a larger combined fan count and a new country specific way of accessing it.  All that changes in terms of content is you now have a country specific audience dependent on your location. IF people choose to view another page they can easily do so by adjusting their settings using the cog at the top of the Facebook page.



Hopefully that doesn’t sound too complicated!

How is it all setup then?

This page from an agency called Effective Talk who are working on one for Corona is quite informative. I have used their most excellent images to illustrate it simply.

Here is the setup:



There are actually a couple of options you can employ when setting it up:





Thanks to for the images.

How do I go about getting them?

Well first things first, this isn’t a solution for everyone.

You need to have an international Facebook presence

You need to be spending money on Facebook Advertising – there are lots of different prices put around.

You need to speak to your Facebook Account manager about Facebook Global Brand Pages – if you don’t have one then you can speak to someone here.


I hope that sheds some light for you all, if you have any questions, drop something in the comments or hit me up on Twitter.