Make Sure You’re Putting the Best into Practice, everywhere.

by | Apr 21, 2015 | Blog, General, Social | 0 comments

Here’s a piece I wrote for Lost Boys, focusing on how to apply best practice for social, across the whole organisation.

Social is global and a lot of brands social efforts are expanding rapidly; on multiple social channels, with more and more departments getting in on the act  in wide varieties of regional flavours. The flourishing of social as a crucial communication tool is driving not only a huge change in how we do business but also highlighting the importance of the whole business getting it right. Whilst each market and function has it’s nuances there are aspects of getting it right on social that will ring true for the whole brand.

There are ways of managing the process by having a central function for social that connects the whole and shares learning. Fortunately this is becoming more and more common as our approaches mature. The real question remains ‘ How do we go about doing this?’.

If at this point you’re in a cold sweat with images of being lost in a tangle of spreadsheets, and endless email chains, you are not alone – there has to be a better way.

How can we make the process of creating content and then sharing how we made it successful more seamless? It’s fine to have a view globally on analytics and performance;  for what works and what doesn’t but how do we bring this back from the centre and deliver it into the practical, and importantly make it useful in the every day life of your local community manager?

This is where the central social function becomes crucial. They should be asking ‘How can we make best practice something more tangible?’ and actually start to put this in to effect to help drive success. Do you know what your most successful types of content are across all your networks? More importantly do you know what your colleagues in another departments or business countries most successful types of content are?

So here are some thoughts on how you can get this to work:
1. Identify what has worked, and be specific:  -E.G.  Does a certain type of targeting drive organic reach? Was it actually the targeting? Was it a different type of metric? Has the success been replicated anywhere else?

2. Make it actionable, useful, get scientific – Once you have a solid idea of what works – create templates of post types and attempt to prove yourself wrong. This will always be a moving target and is a constant process. Keep experimenting and sharing back to the group. What works today could be made irrelevant by an API or rule change from the social network tomorrow.

3. Make it practical – Is there a process to make this simple to implement? At the very least it should influence how our social play book develops.  How can technology help us do this? Using a social tool that allow you to streamline this process like Hootsuite, Falcon Social or Sprinklr, or indeed any kind of system that everyone has access to, can make this a lot easier and can avoid duplication. The most important thing is that the process is simple and can be easily adopted by everyone.